Great advantage of project Lochkov Lofts is peaceful location offering living in very quiet neighbourhood. The Praha-Lochkov village is situated just 13 km from the centre of Prague, with very good access by Strakonická road by city bus lines from the Smíchov Railway station and Chaplinovo square. After building the planned Lochkov tunnel, the access will be even easier.

Transport, accessibility

Residential project Lochkov Lofts is located in diverse village Lochkov within easy reach of the city center but at the same time in a quiet surrounding. The project is located literally just few steps from the bus station-service no.246 and 247, night service no.601 connecting you to Prague. Service no.246 takes you towards railway station Radotín approx.10 minutes and then connection follows with suburban coach to centre of Prague or bus station Smíchovské nádraží approx. 30 minutes drive with change to metro line B or a tram. Service no.247 takes you to Chaplinovo square-Barandov and then tram services no.12,13,14,20; night service no.54 drives you to centre of Prague.

Very important conjunction is Cementářská Street, Ke Slivenci and Pod Lochkovem Street. For car drive is significant artery-road no.599 with exit to Barandov,direction Barandov bridge. In future is planned connection to Prague's circuit that will allow functional connection for transit traffic and simultaneously good public traffic service within the city and surrounding.

The southwestern part of the Prague Ring Road (R1 / E50) consists of 23 km of new highways. The road was opened on the 20th September 2010. Thanks to the new road the drive to the city centre was significantly shorter for Lochkov residents.

We tested for you - a journey from the city centre to the project Lochkov Lofts takes only between 10 and 15 minutes !

There is also the new exit road from the Prague Ring Road to Lochkov meaning it is easier than ever to reach Lochkov Lofts from all parts of Prague.